Diameter : 110mm-1600mm
Pressure : SDR9 - SDR51
Application : Converying water


Product Description

PVC-UH water supply pipe is made by improving the molecular chain structure of PVC, so that the product has high strength, high pressure, ring rigidity, good internal and external pressure, suitable for paving in the pipe gallery, good toughness and high modulus. It has small shrinkage, more than 45% of ring flexible energy, good impact resistance, suitable for material stress release caused by temperature changes in the pipe gallery; built-in plastic inspection well with high pressure sealing performance to ensure piping system Sealing; easy to install and fast maintenance, low maintenance cost; pipeline system design life ≥ 50 years, with the advantages of low investment and high cost performance.

PVC-UH Water Pipe Specification

JM Quanen_08.png

PVC-UH Drainage and Sewerage Pipe Specification

JM Quanen_10.png

Pipe inside details