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China Porainar Company,main products : C900 pipes,SCH standard PVC pipe,ISO standard pipe.PVC-U pipe,PVC-M pipe,PVC-UH pipe,PPR pipe for hot water and cold water supply,HDPE water supply and gas supply pipe,large diameter HDPE corrugated pipe,geotechnical products and other building material.China Porainar Company has fully passed the certifications of integrated management systems including NSF certificates,ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system, and has been listed into the Annual Report on Materials and Equipment Products for National Rural Drinking Water Safety Project for five successive years.

Our company accept ODM,OEM. International advanced technology and equipment, domestic leading large-diameter pipe production enterprise, PE pipe diameter can reach 2000mm, PVC pipe diameter can reach 1600mm, bellows diameter can reach 3500mm.At present, the company has 320 high-speed extrusion production lines and 102 high-speed injection molding machines, among which the key components are imported from abroad with high degree of automation. The production process is fully controlled by computer. Our annual production capacity is about 500,000tons. Can achieve one-stop procurement of products, it can meet the diversified, all-round needs of different customers.

We are always persisting in the cultural philosophy of innovation, win-win, teamwork and humanity”, adhering to the market competition concept of “developing through credibility and surviving by high quality”, emphasizing on brand development and protection. Along with the sustainable development, China Porainar Pipe has played a significant role in the industry with its great comprehensive strength. China Porainar staff will seize every opportunity to face challenges and try to innovate for further development. Porainar staff will bring the existing advantages into full play, continue to expand and innovate, persist in the sustainable development strategy as usual, and make unremitting efforts to help customers and achieve success.



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