AWWA C900 Pipes

SDR : 13.5-64
Pressure : 63psi-250psi
Diameter : 1.5" - 12"
Standard : ASTM 2241


C900 pipe has flexible elastomeric gaskets within the bell which allow for a watertight push together jointing system.Spigot ends come from the factory withbevels on the spigot end made to mate with the bells inner taper.



I.D.Inside Dameter

O.D.Outside Diameter 

T.Wall Thickness

D:Bell Outside Diameter

E:Distance between Assembly Mark tothe end of spigot.

When installing C900 pipe,the bell interior,gasket,and spigot should be cleanedto remove any foreign dirt or debris from permitting proper joint seal,or enteringthe pipe and compromising the anti-bacterial environment needed to passtesting.The spigot end is lubricated,aligned with the bell,and inserted until itcontacts the gasket uniformly.A spade with a block buffer,lever pullers,or 'eagleclaw'devices may be used to push the pipe 'home'to the reference mark on thespigot.

Pipe Specification